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I’m an illustrator and designer with experience in a variety of commercial art fields. My illustrations have appeared in magazines and books. I’ve worked with software and web developers as graphic designer, production artist, web designer, Flash animator, and Actionscript programmer. My surface design work has been shown at national tradeshows and licensed by manufacturers for use on fabric, stationery, invitations, scrapbooking and home décor products. I enjoy the variety and the challenge of trying new things. A common theme in my work is that I love playing with color, telling stories and creating a mood in my art.

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What's New

A New Website Design & My First Attempt at Javascript


As of December 2014 this site is brand new! I'd be happy for feedback about my new web design. I am currently busy working to make it responsive to different devices, but for now it is best viewed on a desktop browser. Since I am new to Javascript there are probably going to be some bugs. So if the site starts behaving funny, reloading the page will usually solve the problem...Read more on my blog

New Work for the UVA Alumni Association


Here's a new illustration I did for he UVA Alumni magazine. I was happy with how it came out. It was a good project for me because I got to illustrate a subject and theme that I don't have much experience with and in the process play around with different Photoshop texture brushes.

Read more on my blog

Check out my new blog

Let me know what you think. I created "Suling's Art & Design Blog" to write about the process of creating digital art, tips, tutorials, random thoughts & goings on. Here's a tutorial I just put together about using Flash as a drawing and pattern design tool.


If you are interested in finding out more detail about my work experience, download a pdf of my resume here.

About my Portfolios

My work is divided into sections since there is such a variety and the style varies a lot depending on the project.

Commercial Illustration

The illustrations in this section were mostly done for publishing. A lot of my work has been for books and magazines because I really enjoy making illustrations that tell a story. I always try hard to capture the mood of a story in dynamic interesting ways, putting a lot of thought into color and value choices. My illustrations are created in Photoshop with my Wacom pad. I don’t use many special effects and stick primarily to the brush and eraser tools. I like to paint on the computer as I did when I used to paint with a real brush.

Clients include: Cricket Magazine, Random House Books for Young Readers, Harper Trophy, Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill, Book-of-the-Month Club, St. Anthony Messenger, Little Brown and Company, Guideposts Magazine

Art for Licensing

Several years ago I started creating art for licensing and showing my work at licensing treadshows. The work in this section is mostly patterns organized into collections of coordinating designs that might be good to use together on a quilt or coordinated for a family of stationery. My work has been licensed for use on home décor products, scrapbooking, wedding invitations, greeting cards and fabric. I enjoy designing elegant and modern floral designs as well as fun and whimsical designs for kids.

Clients include: Kleinfeld Paper, Crown Crafts, American Traditional Designs, Marion Heath, Design Design, Papyrus, Children’s Place, Old Navy, Springs Global, Madison Park Greetings, Look Love Send

Graphic Design

The work in this section showcases my graphic design work. I’ve done some logo and web design, but the majority of work here are wedding invitation sets and stationery I designed using my own artwork.

Clients include: Kleinfeld Paper, Look Love Send, Madison Park Greetings

Interactive Animation

Much of the work featured in this section are interactive Flash greetings or games that will show some of my programming ability. When possible, I link them to the live content on external sites. Most were done a long time ago so they don't necessarily display as originally intended and the music that used to accompany them may not be there anymore, but I still like to show them - because they were so fun for me to create.

My first couple jobs as a commercial artist were for software and web developers. I created graphics for games, online greetings, educational software and the web. I worked part-time while I studied Illustration and during this time I learned a lot of the graphics software that I still use in my work today. This work is a very different challenge than illustration and surface design and for me it has involved getting my feet wet with programming interactivity for online games, greetings and websites with Actionscript and most recently Javascript.

Clients include: Blue,, The Learning Company, Cuesta Technologies